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Prefab architecture allure is global and this is definitely not hot news: it comes from a long
time ago. Contemporary living is fast, is wanderlust, is global. The cosmopolitan human being is always on the go, and prefab architecture inspires designers and builders on the development of light, portable, modular housing solutions. This platform aims to explore and amplify the continuous growth potential of prebuilt structures, based on the design inspiration and approach of some of the edgiest and state of the art industrial designers, architects and constructors who are pushing the limits of creation. Also, to represent a bridge between potential customers spread all over the world, and the most dinamic housing solutions. Portability remains as one of the key challenges architecture has had to face, along the personal and flexible use of urban space. In fact, it allows city inhabitants to give their environemnt new meanings and implications. Dispite traditional housing, prebuilt options consider this portable issue a key factor of their DNA. When their assesment in certain place or time comes to an end, re-distribution (and not destruction) turns out as the new leading trend. The world is undergoing radical changes: technology, society, economy and culture are ever changing environemnts nowadays. And we believe that is very likely that portability appears as a life ruling device. This fact comes from the remote times when nomadism represented the dominant way of life all over the planet. And so we get to the point when (even if some doomsday pritchers consider that traditional – and so called solid- architecture has become a victim of mobile lifestyle) architects tend to put prefab and traditional concepts together. Side by side. The output is so out of the box, innovative and functional, and brings down the idea that prefab means low cost, short cycle housing alternative. On the other hand, it emphasizes that prefab has turned into a mainstream development approach. And that it will continue this way in the future.



Julian Arostegui is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Online Advertising, and Business Strategy.

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Strong business development professional with a Associate’s Degree focused in Business Administration and Management, General from Universidad de ‘San Andrés’.


Degree in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires. Currently, he is General Director of Creative Industries of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires

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and Managing Partner in Grupo ARS – Ballet Producer. In addition, Radivoy is a wine entrepreneur with his partner Marcelo Tinelli.


Juliana Lamelza is an Experienced Corporate Communications and Brand PR executive with a demonstrated history of working in the PR and marketing industry.

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Skilled in Online Advertising, Content Factory, Free Press Content , PR, Influencers Networking, Brand Alliances and Innovation, Advertising, and Marketing Strategies. PR Degree from UADE (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa). Strongly focused in results and empowerment.
Fields of expertise include travel and hospitality industries, entertainment, outdoors and active lifestyle, luxury cosmetics & fashion global brands, beverages and real estate developments.
Planning and implementation of PR strategies, acting as spokesperson, pitching core narratives, developing success stories and crisis management approaches & media training, among developed tasks.


Creative advertising and graphic designer by profession. Entrepreneur by birth, today he is in charge of the Jungle Communication Studio. From young he was interested in new technologies.

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Together with his partners he created Glamout, an entertainment platform, which today has more than half a million followers and has been operating for 10 years in Mexico. Sebastian provides his services to top-level companies in Argentina, the United States, Mexico, Uruguay and Spain.




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